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2021 Summer Programming!

Mental Health Initiative

August 12, 2021

Has this past year been tough on your mental health? Have you seen our society struggle to make sure that everyone has the support they need to stay healthy? As young leaders for change, how we take care of ourselves and our mental health has always been an important part of the conversation at K4PB, but after more than a year of the pandemic and school starting back up next month, it’s more urgent than ever to talk about mental health! Join us on August 12th for dialogue, games, and activities that will help us learn more about mental health, share about our own journeys during the pandemic and beyond, and think about real ways that we can promote better mental health for ourselves and for society.

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Camp In A Day!

August 26, 2021

To celebrate the end of summer and bring back some of our favorite Kids4Peace Boston memories, we will be taking all of the best parts of Peace Leader Camp in New Hampshire and enjoying them right here in Boston! Join us for all of your favorites: starting with go-getters and opening of the day, then choose your interest group (friendship bracelets, A-field, improv around camp!), and we’ll have a discovery block before a snack and we close the day together! It will be a jam-packed program that is sure to help those of us who are missing Danhole Pond this summer.