Kids4Peace Boston affirms that Black Lives Matter.

We will continue to reiterate this with our words and our actions.

While still reeling from the death and suffering caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our country has been gripped by the realities of racial violence against people of color and particularly Black people, realities which have always been part of the fabric of our society but which we have all too often ignored. Members of our community are grappling with a wide range of emotions.

With this in mind, we want to restate this again: Kids4Peace Boston affirms that Black Lives Matter. We affirm our community must not simply be “not racist” but be actively ANTI-racist. We oppose all forms of racism and acknowledge the particular violence and history of anti-Black racism in the United States and that those of us who are white or non-Black persons of color must continually work to be allies with Black members of our community against anti-Black racism every day. We commit to continuing and strengthening our work training young people to be anti-racists. We also commit to helping our extended community engage in anti-racist work, and to continue our efforts throughout our future programming. This work will be a long journey forward together as a community. Your voice, solidarity, and action are needed in this important work.

You are needed in this important work. We offer a two-part trainingfor communities who are looking to begin their journeys as active anti-racist allies, in solidarity with the Black community, against personal and institutional acts of racism, anti-Black racism, and all white supremacist racism.

If you have any questions about whether these sessions will be of interest to you, please reach out to us.

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