What We Do

For ten years, Kids4Peace Boston has brought young people from diverse religious communities in Massachusetts together across difference to contribute to the common good. We use an interfaith lens as both a call to action and basis for our mission to advance justice in our communities through interfaith youth action and advocacy.

Youth Building Bridges Across Divides

How We Work

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Learning by Doing Together

Year-round, middle and high school aged youth come together to build community across religious and other divides, participating in experiential education where they “learn by doing” together. Through this experiential learning, youth become aware of how their beliefs, values, and practices can contribute to a more just, civil society, without dismissing the religious, racial, socio-economic, and other distinctions of others or undermining one another’s identities. 

We equip youth with skills in understanding and valuing multiple perspectives, building trust, and collaborative leadership, while helping them to understand and take action on pressing social justice issues. Whether through advocating their views to lawmakers, leading interfaith dialogues, participating in service projects, or standing up against bigotry in their communities, K4PB youth do not simply learn to value diversity as a theoretical concept, but to live diversity and use it to create a better world for all. 

Our Programs

Summer Camps

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Need some inspiration?

Listen in on a conversation with Isabel, Reynad and Shalev as they discuss their year-round efforts with Kids4Peace Boston building bridges between people and working for social justice.