Virtual, Free Training for Communities

Prepare to become an Anti-Racist Ally

Educators & Youth Workers

We provide this training free of charge to communities looking to prepare their youth to become anti-racist allies. If you are an educator or youth leader we would be happy to meet with you to discuss how we may be able to provide this training to your community.

Allyship Training

This is an interactive two-part online training designed to prepare middle and high school youth to begin their lifelong journey as anti-racist allies. This two-part training will particularly focus on the tools needed to stand up as active anti-racist allies, in solidarity with the Black community, against personal and institutional acts of racism, anti-Black racism, and all white supremacist racism.

Part 1

 In the first part of this training, you will be given the tools to actively stand up to racism, specifically anti-Black racism. We will cover some key concepts for understanding racism, learn about important terms and topics, including overt and covert racism. We’ll also begin the process of making a Personal Action Plan to help you navigate how to be an effective active anti-racist ally. This will give you a path to start taking action with a clear roadmap.

Part 2

Part 2: In this second training on allyship, we’ll start by talking about the Personal Action Plan we each created after the first meeting. We’ll then continue learning about some of the most important concepts in anti-racist allyship, such as personal vs. structural racism, through taking a deeper look at the events of recent weeks. We will also make plans to take legislative action against racism and white supremacy through learning about initiatives happening right now and what efforts we can be lobbying for in our communities.