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Explore the many ways that the COVID-19 crisis exposes and interacts with the existing social justice issues we see in our country and around the world during our “At the Intersections of COVID-19” module. What can we learn from COVID-19 about the different ways that racism is built into our society, for example? How do we understand a health crisis as being part of a system of existing inequalities in wealth or nationality? We will learn about the concept of intersectionality, and will use this to think deeply about the inequalities built into our society and what we can do about them. Sign up for this module to learn more about COVID-19 and its impacts, to learn about intersectionality, and to learn about how to use these tools to be a more effective leader.

Key concepts covered include:

July 1
4:00-5:30pm (EST)
Intersectionality & ClimateWhat is intersectionality?
Why is it important?
How can we use it to understand the connetions between Covid-19 and the climate?
July 8
4:00-5:30pm (EST)
Economics & RaceHow does the pandemic interact with
economics and with race? Why does it matter and what can we do once we know?
July 15
4:00-5:30pm (EST)
Housing Insecurity & Migration* How can we analyze the unique impacts of COVID-19 on people
who are housing insecure (people experiencing homelessness, etc.),
or who are immigrants or refugees?
* How does this knowledge help us as leaders?