Join a Community working for Change

High schoolers throughout the Greater Boston area are joining together from various backgrounds to form deep friendships, celebrate their differences, and work together for good.  




School-Year Programming

During the school year, participants in the K4PB Peace Leader Program gather monthly for leadership skill building, recreational activities, interfaith dialogue, overnights, community service and advocacy projects. These  programs are geared to the interests and abilities of those in high school, and participants come back and learn more each year thanks to K4PB’s recursive experiential education model.

Over the course of the program, the diverse group of K4PB teens actively gain and use leadership skills; take action for pressing social justice issues; strengthen their appreciation for the faiths, cultures, and experiences of others; and build a strong community by having fun and sharing meaningful experiences together. They share openly and honestly about their own lives; participate in activities that give them experience using relevant skills (for example, how to regulate emotions during a challenging conversation, or how to collaborate with a diverse team); learn about political and social justice issues in a nuanced way that challenges them to consider all sides of an issue; and take appropriate action through service, advocacy/lobbying, and more.

Circles of Action

High Schoolers all over Massachusetts have joined Circles of Action to come together virutally to work for Racial and Climate Justice. 


Exicting Virtual Programming will continue to be offered year round for 2020-2021. Stay tuned for updates!