Tools for Transforming Conflict



In Tools for Transforming Conflict, we will learn different skills to help become effective leaders for peace and social justice, and to work together as people of faith to create a better world. In this module, you’ll get to dive into some of the most important elements of K4P and understand how to fit them together to be a great leader and to change the world. Whether you’re new to K4P or you’ve been in the program for years, this module will help you  understand how to apply some of the most important K4P skills in your own life.  We’ll explore how to understand the process of creating change from start to finish so that you will have a clearer idea of the different ways that we can work towards a better world. K4PB will be launching an exciting new program soon that will let participants work on their own independent action projects through K4PB, and this module will help you get the necessary foundation to participate!