Our Promise

These are exciting times to be in middle or high school! All across the globe, young people like you are making their voices heard for a better world. Today more than ever, people your age are among the loudest voices on issues like climate change, gun violence, immigration, and racial justice and equity. It is the world’s young people, often coming together from all backgrounds, that are stirring, organizing, calling for, and effecting change.  

At Kids4Peace we know just how eager you are to be part of that change. We also realize just how important it is that individuals and communities come together to learn from each other to bring about radical and lasting change. We believe strongly that young people from different faith traditions and backgrounds, equipped and ready to heal this world, are a force to be reckoned with. We want to partner with you and provide you the opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with other young people, and together you will work together to change the world.


We Promise we will: 

Provide space for you to explore your own identities and the identities of others who are different from you, particularly focused on religious identity, but including race, ethnicity, ability, socioeconomic status, and more. We will give you a supportive community where you can learn about yourself and others, where you can make mistakes and grow from them, and have the support of the community while you do it. 


Respect your religious beliefs and practices. We will make sure that you and your religious practices and beliefs are respected and embraced. While you’re participating in Kids4Peace Boston programs, our community does everything necessary to accommodate things like prayer times, religious dietary needs, etc. 


Encourage you to draw from whatever parts of your faith tradition are most important  to you, and use these teachings to serve the common good and find shared ground with those who are different from you.


Give you the chance to build deep friendships across lines of difference that society draws, with people you wouldn’t normally get to meet in your life outside of K4PB, and help you use these new diverse friendships to be leaders of social change together.


Give you the knowledge, tools, and drive to become an effective leader for positive social change, not just in the future as an adult, but right now.


We Promise we will never: 

Make you sit through boring lessons that underestimate your capabilities. We know that you are capable of great things, and our programs will be fun, engaging, and offer you the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to make a real difference!


Push one viewpoint on you. No matter what the topic, we will always ask you to consider multiple points of view, to share your own views and experiences, and to listen to the views and experiences of people who are different from you. You will always be asked to form your ownopinions, we’ll just be offering you the tools and space to do it. 


Define who is “religious enough” to participate in our programs. At times, our programs include sharing your religious practices, beliefs, and customs. Having a personal connection to Christianity, Judaism, or Islam is an important part of meaningful participation in the program, but we won’t ever define what religious practice means to you, and we’ll welcome you no matter what observance level you keep within your tradition.